What is the smart electric self balancing scooter

Electric smart self balancing scooter, called the somatosensory car, Segway,Hoverboards. There are two types of unicycle and two-wheeled on the market. Its operating principle is based on dynamic stabilization, by taking advantage of the body’s internal sophisticated solid-state gyroscope and acceleration sensor is to detect changes in posture of scooter, and the servo control system precisely adjusts the drive motor accordingly via the appropriate instructions calculated by the sophisticated and high-speed central microprocessor.
How to drive
Similar to the human being’s own balance system, when the center of gravity of ourselves forward, the smart electric self balancing scooter has to move forward in order to ensure a balance, the scooter move back when the the center of gravity tilt. Meanwhile, some of the electric balancing scooter with grip is shifted by the telescoping pole, swing of the joystick with extendable rod make the vehicle speed difference between the left and right wheels (for example swinging telescopic rod to the left,the right wheel speed will be faster than the left wheel).
self balancing electric scooter
Energy source of the scooter resource from a lithium battery, a single charge can guarantee 20-70km Mileage and a top speed of 20km. When driving the electric balancing scooter with grip, pointing the direction lever forward direction needed, the balancing scooter will toward the direction pointed. When the direction lever is in the middle position of the vehicle, the system will travel toward the front. When the rotation of direction lever, the system is controlled accordingly both sides of the speed difference for steering, allowing the body to tilt follow where the joystick tilt so that you will get better experience.
The smart electronic balancing scooter with vertical steering breakthrough design subvert the traditional control mode, which is more in line with ergonomic operating habits.
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What is the smart electric self balancing scooter

Why choose an electric balancing scooter

There are many unique advantages for electric self balancing scooter over other vehicle,which can be mainly summarized as follows:
Instead of walking
Instead of walking is the physical characteristics of an electric balancing scooter and segway at speeds of up to 20km, the mileage is 20-70km after a single charge.
Take mobile video
Electric balancing scooter may be combined with cellular phone, DV, cameras and other equipment, it with its automatic walking function can be used as a mobile shooting platform.
APP application
Balance-Electric-Scooter (2)
Electric balancing scooter connected to the internet of mobile phone via mobile APP can Real-time understanding of information of driving, at the same time, APP can also achieve friends, sharing and other functions,importantly, it can be controlled by bluetooth configuration via Bluetooth mobile phone.
Play music
It can play music by being equipped with a bluetooth speaker via bluetooth mobile phone
The electric self balancing scooter is driven by batteries without noise,it adopts the lithium battery pack as a power source to achieve zero carbon emissions,moreover,by taking advantage of power conversion technology, lithium ion battery pack can be charged automatically in downhill process so that energy and momentum can be recycled.
Small size, light weight: the vertical projection area is similar to the size of two pairs of slippers, small footprint, those with the handle can be quickly disassembled. The weight is around 15kg.
how-to-use-Balance-Electric-Scooter how to use Balance Electric Scooterhow-to-use-Balance-Electric-Scooter-with-remote-control
Stand Driving: a electric self balancing scooter with standing balance driving mode runs through the center of gravity of the body and joystick for the liberation of your hands.

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Why choose an electric balancing scooter

What are the precautions for driving a smart self balancing scooter

Balance Electric Scooter
Before driving an smart self balancing scooter, make sure that the components of a smart self balancing scooter are securely installed, without damage.
Please find a open flat venues for driving practice, at least 4m * 4m area, indoor and outdoor.
Make a full understanding of surrounding for the driving environment; ensuring not be disturbed by cars, pedestrians, pets, bicycles and other obstacles.
Pair a skilled assistant next who is able to skillfully operate smart self balancing scooter and familiar with all of the manual precautions and driving methods.
Do not test on a smooth, slippery field.
Newbie must wear safety helmets and protective gear in case of injury.
For those with joystick,adjust the height adjustment knob on the joystick to what you think is the right height to ensure that you can comfortably hold the handle.
For more information the self balancing scooter,please visit http://www.onu-mall.com/-electric-drifting-board-two-wheels-smart-self-balancing-scooter-with-remote-control-function-blue.html
Article from http://blog.onu-mall.com/index.php/2015/10/14/what-are-the-precautions-for-driving-the-smart-self-balancing-scooter/
What are the precautions for driving a smart self balancing scooter