What are the precautions for driving a smart self balancing scooter

Balance Electric Scooter
Before driving an smart self balancing scooter, make sure that the components of a smart self balancing scooter are securely installed, without damage.
Please find a open flat venues for driving practice, at least 4m * 4m area, indoor and outdoor.
Make a full understanding of surrounding for the driving environment; ensuring not be disturbed by cars, pedestrians, pets, bicycles and other obstacles.
Pair a skilled assistant next who is able to skillfully operate smart self balancing scooter and familiar with all of the manual precautions and driving methods.
Do not test on a smooth, slippery field.
Newbie must wear safety helmets and protective gear in case of injury.
For those with joystick,adjust the height adjustment knob on the joystick to what you think is the right height to ensure that you can comfortably hold the handle.
For more information the self balancing scooter,please visit http://www.onu-mall.com/-electric-drifting-board-two-wheels-smart-self-balancing-scooter-with-remote-control-function-blue.html
Article from http://blog.onu-mall.com/index.php/2015/10/14/what-are-the-precautions-for-driving-the-smart-self-balancing-scooter/
What are the precautions for driving a smart self balancing scooter

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