How to choose a awesome Christmas gift

How time flies!Christmas Day is approaching,are you get ready to prepare a awesome Christmas present or have been involved in busying in and worried about where to look for a really unique Christmas present as in previous years, after all,there have been no more one and half a month left. Cut the crap!Somebody would be annoyed,come on!Guys! Just follow onu-mall to learn about how to choose really a affable present.
Merry-Christmas-Removeable-Wall-Stickers  Santa Claus on self balance scooter
No matter who you are,just choosing the hottest item is not outdated,for instance the self balancing scooter with the hottest trend this year,standing and drive a self balance scooter instead of sleigh and carriage to delivery the Christmas gifts would be the most fashionable unique choice during this cold winter.
Christmas-Case-for-Samsung-S6 christmas-plastic-hard-case-for-iphone-6-plus
For Child: Kid is the protagonist on Christmas day, they expect their stockings full of novelty gifts when they open eyes, so pick the gifts according to what they like rather than what you think he or she likes, some of the exclusive Christmas gifts including Christmas hats, Christmas trees, Santa Claus dolls would not get them interested.
Just given them what they are long-awaited including a book, an electric toy, a drawing board,a plush toy, car model, etc. Your daughter or son will be appreciated and surprised if you give a 4.5 inch self balance scooter specially for child, what a unique gift!
For couples: Christmas is a warm and romantic holiday when couples are dating, shopping, and then what about prepare an exclusive Christmas candlelight dinner for your darling!Roses symbolize love, why not give your girlfriend or boyfriend a bouquet of roses, those symbol of your relationship like “Couple Ring” engraved your and her or his name on the ring must be pretty awesome and unique!

For parents: accompany your parents to enjoy turkey dinner and go shopping hand by hand, then pick one of their favorite Christmas gift, such as: down jacket ( not be too expensive, choose those warm and what they like ), give them a massage, talk about your work and life experiences.

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How to choose a awesome Christmas gift

How to choose a beloved gift for your girlfriend or wife

You must want to give your girlfriend or wife a unique gift making her happy, but how to,just follow onu-mall to reveal the answer
1.Two wheel self balancing electric scooter
self balancing electric scooter with two wheel with her favorite colors and styles,that is definitely the most popular item this year, just enjoy the cozy and sweet on a quiet street with her hand by hand
Balance-Electric-Scooter (2)
2. Digital Photo frame
A delicate digital photo frame do not only record your sweet moments around her bed,but she would memory the happy time when she opens her eyes on the morning.
3. Ring engraved your and her name
One pair of exquisite Couple Ring quietly engraved you and her name on Christmas eve or New Year’s Day and his birthday or other special moments , she would be pretty surprised.
4.DIY album
You can use pretty cloth as a cover, in which you write on your mood diary, then put the pictures one by one.How warm and sweet
5.Recording Doll
Buy a cute doll recording and record what you want to say to her or your future bay. Retained beautiful voice.
6.Web and blog
DIY a web or blog filled with the happy letter you write as belonging to her and you and allow she to “accidentally” find, she must be very happy!
7.DIY a big house
Build a big house with wood, cardboard, foam or other materials , paint the color she like best with colored pen, as well as diy some small sofa, cute TV, bed, cupboard, even hang a your stickers inside!
8.Small pets
Few girls do not like small animals,neither does she, meanwhile,do not forget dressing a Christmas clothing for the dog!
9.Homemade cookies, cakes
DIY baked heart-shaped cookies, pretty cake, you can add accessories according to her taste. Or put a ring in the possession of the cake
10.Card USB disk
Choose a credit card USB disk customizable, placed the loving picture, store some of yours small memories in USB disk.
11.FireworksGirls are not resistant to fireworks! But pay attention to safety in advanced!
12. dolls
A dolls based on her  characteristics and costumes.Pottery, glass and other materials are available.
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How to choose a beloved gift for your girlfriend or wife

Which Chinese gift would your friends prefer to

Are you Chinese and do you wonder which gift is suitable for foreign friends, or what you want to get from China,today onu-mall would like to share some awesome items you can give to foreign friends or you would prefer to.
self balancing two wheel scooter
Nothing is better than the self balancing two wheel scooter which is enjoying a increasingly popularity this year,majority of which are manufactured from China.You can get one from China particularly in Shenzhen city,Guangdong province,choose a self balancing two wheel scooter with the customizable style and size for your foreign friends who are fond of sporting
A pen
A very special meaning for the pen in China actually is that your life would get better as you write much more!
A porcelain
The dragon is a miraculous animal who are good at changing and crossing on clouds and generating rain, which has become the symbol of the China and the Chinese nation, as well as a symbol of Chinese culture. Chinese people love and respect the red dragon, whatever particularly a porcelain is not only a craft but it entrusted with the noble and gorgeous .
Gifts recommend three,tea or coffee kit
What a warm party when having a cup of tea or a cup of coffee in the cold winter! Not to mention accompanied by bone china cup graffiti suit or Picasso West Point mugs dish Group!
Board games
You would be never be bored at board games when gatherings with your family!
Exquisite candlesticks
Candles will be added to the highlight of the festive atmosphere in China.Those with roses beautifully crafted or Russian candlesticks will be loved by the owner!
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Which Chinese gift would your friends prefer to

What do you need to note when using a self balancing scooter

What a shame!It is reported that self balancing scooter explosion accidents occurred frequently,admittedly, which is closely linked with how we use despite it definitely related to knock off made in China,ONU-MALL would like to sincerely share what you shall mind when using the self balance scooter to assure the safely drive and use for consumers,after all,safe is most important.
First of all,how to use the balance of the self balance scooter is inseparable from the role of the use of the wheel, so the routine maintenance shall point to wheel inspection and maintenance. Especially for the component parts of the tire, you should perceive its firmness by your a hand from time to time , just shaking the tire along the axial direction, the component parts would be loosened if tire accessories shake. To ensure the safety of use, we shall continue to check the tightness of the screws of the tire component parts, just by fully tighten the screws to ensure the firmness of the assembly,you can freely drive the self balance scooter.Meanwhile, you need to minimize the wear of the tires for easier travel and use.
single wheel self balancing scooter
Secondly, the self balance scooter should promptly be sent to a repair shop for maintenance if the tire leak, you must make sure there is the adequacy of gas for long-term use, do not use it unless it really meet the travel conditions. If large area of the tire are damaged, you should promptly contact sales department as soon as possible for the replacement of tire. Ensure that the power is disconnected when cleaning the self balance scooter, do not clean directly with water, switch to wipe with a wet towel so that the water will not slip inside the machine. It must not be washed with water when the power turned on, otherwise,it will bring damage to the self balancing scooter, even will threaten life safety.
Second, the balance scooter must be placed in dry and ventilated place for long idle, do not put in damp and unventilated area, otherwise,it would lead to the moisture to control board and the battery and some unexpected trouble.
Third, it is recommended to maintain the self balancing scooter at after-sales service center when using it for half of year, detecting whether certain parts of the sport equipment has been aged, damaged. The proposed replacement of new parts to maintain balance and stability of the safety.
Fourth, the charger for the electric balance scooter generally have individual needs, in the absence of certainty, please do not arbitrarily replace the charger. The replacement of other chargers will not only shorten the battery life,but result in the safety accident. Do not put the battery anywhere at an ambient temperature of 60 degrees or more, do not charge it in kitchen and near fireplace and anywhere else near fire and gas and explosive places, then we must recharge the battery during every 2-3 months to keep the saturation of the battery if do not use it for more than half of year. Please fully charge the brand new self balance scooter. Because the battery will slowly discharge because of transport for a long time. Please keep charging environment clean and dry. When charging port wet, do not charge. Please predetermined charging and storage the balance scooter, otherwise it will damage the battery affect the battery life of self balance scooter.
In summary, keep mind all of the details above so as to ensure balanced scooter can bring us green and fast and safe.
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What do you need to note when using a self balancing scooter

How to properly use the self balance electric scooter battery to avoid explorsion

Most of the explosion to electric balancing scooter originally attributed to the mixed padding in cell box and improper use of the battery, onu-mall truthfully expose that most explosive batteries are filled with other substances including wood chips and cement in order to save $ 20 to $ 30 to maintain the filling space where 20 battery cells must be used, that’s why the battery explode, you must stay away from ultra-low-cost balance scooter, if you really want to buy cheap one,we strongly strongly suggest that you must ask the vendor to open the cell box to check whether there are 20 battery cells filled, in addition, we also offers you a list of the following matters which should be noted when using the battery.
1, do not replace the charger and remove the speed controller
The charger for two-wheeled self balancing electric scooter accordingly manufactured generally have individual needs, do not arbitrarily replace the charger in the absence of certainty. If requiring relatively long a endurance mileage, it must be equipped more than one charger for remote charging. Removing the speed controller would be disadvantageous to both the safety and battery lifespan despite you can increase the speed of two-wheeled self balancing electric scooter.
2, protect the charger
The regular charger’s instructions illustrates how to protect the battery of self balance electric scooter. Many users are not always accustomed to checking the customary specification, it is too late to recall the instructions after there is some wrong with the self balancing scooter because of improper use, so it is necessary to carefully read the manual. To reduce costs, and now the chargers is not basically designed with high resistance to vibration, so generally do not put the charger in the trunk and basket of electric bicycles. Under special circumstances it must be moved, make sure that the charger of self balance electric scooter is packed with foam to prevent vibration of the bumps,furthermore, keep the battery charger ventilated when charging, otherwise,it would not only shorten the lifespan of the charger, but make adverse effect on the charge status. So,how to protect the charger of two-wheeled self balance electric scooter is also very important.
3, timely charge and regular deeply discharge
The battery promptly charged can effectively clear sulfides which will gradually decline in battery capacity and shorten the battery lifespan. So, charge the battery as it is fully discharged so that the battery is in full status.
4, develop some of the good habit of saving energy
Use glide as far as possible. Take advantage of the slope for the cut off the power of two-wheeled self balancing electric scooter and coastdown gear,minimize braking.
5, the environmental charge
Charging optimal ambient temperature is 25 ℃. Most chargers are not adapted to the automatic control system of the ambient temperature , so most chargers of two-wheeled self balancing electric scooter are designed in accordance with the ambient temperature of 25 ℃, so charging the battery at 25 ℃ is better. The best arrangements for the battery and charger is a ventilated and temperature controlled environment.
6, make full use of the maintenance condition
Many electric balance scooter dealers can provide battery repair and maintenance services,we should take advantage of these services.
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How to properly use the self balance electric scooter battery to avoid explorsion

How to properly choose a single wheel electric self balancing scooter

Majority of us do not know how to properly choose a electric unicycle self balancing scooter which is a brand new intelligent transport, I represent onu-mall as a online store keeping in unveiling the latest consumer electrics would like to share my experiences for your reference.
Simply speaking, it can be attributed to a few words: look, touch, ask, ride.
First, look means closer check the electric unicycle self balancing scooter. First of all,check how the packing is, make sure that the foam and pearl board in the packing box has not scamp work and stint material, which can well protect the electric unicycle balancing scooter and spare parts; then assess how is what made of the electric unicycle balancing scooter, whether the housing is smooth or not; how large the aviation pedal material is; whether it has a good brand tires and 14-inch, 16 inch, 18 inch marked on package is consistent; whether the gap between the power switch is too large; make sure the battery indicator work well; above all,check that the packing accessories and instruction manual and warranty card and carried accessories, as well the charger, the auxiliary wheels, auxiliary belt, etc are complete, all of which must be correspondence with the brand model. The more careful you observation of detail,the more problem you can check.
Second touch, check the single wheel self balancing scooter without riding. lift the scooter to check whether it is consistent with the proper weight; make sure that it is not easy to open the pedal aviation, and check how the magnets absorption is and how the tires are; pull the scooter back and forth and tilt by hand to see around how the power protection work.
Third ask, it is to ask all the details. What we shall be most concerned about is the car’s quality and after-sales service. Where is the car’s hardware configuration, such as controllers, gyros, batteries, motors and other produced and how much.For a quality single wheel self balancing scooter, there is no virtual standard parameters; the software is independent property right; housing is own patent; there are unique characters different from other brands, like how large the waterproof degree, which road is can not be applicable etc; it is OEM from its own foundry workshop or others. We shall focus on the after sale including how long the warranty period is, how to repair when problems arise,how to do if the agent can not handle who pay for the freight.
Fourth riding, if you are a newbie and do not know how to ride, it does not matter, you can find the placement of the auxiliary wheel, of course,we are mainly aimed at testing whether the manual calibration parameters are the same with what marked on the specification. We can straight, turn on the downhill, acceleration and deceleration of the car handling test; accelerate it to alarm rate, to check whether it is calibrated speed alarm, if there is a beep and Alice pedal protection tips, this is slightly different for each brand; fully charge the single wheel self balancing scooter for long-distance endurance riding and checking if km can achieve the required number; check the braking performance, take a look how far it would be braked when it is fast-moving, that is a safe distance, they must clear.!
As long as you do master these points, I think, even if you are a newbie, you can buy a not bad electric unicycle balancing scooter.meanwhile,you need to learn from manufacturer’s official website, forums and other places, as well ask some experienced riding friends, except for most of those who sell their own electric unicycle balancing scooter.

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How to properly choose a single wheel electric self balancing scooter

What are the self balancing scooter composed by

(1) Controller
The controller is the core technology of two-wheeled self balance scooter, which depends how the self balance scooter . The controller includes a vehicle status and balance control arithmetic operation. How to judge the operational state is based on integration of each sensor data to obtain the value of the vehicle body inclination angle, tilt angular velocity value, and driving speed. How the balance control operation motor control drive module to send control commands is based on the vehicle status data to calculate the speed of traffic needed to maintain balance and the acceleration or the changes in value of he motor speed or cornering need. Arithmetic module is equivalent to the brain of two-wheeled self-balancing electric scooter, the work which is mainly responsible for are: controlling the motor stops, issue accelerate, deceleration, reversing and brake to the control module and other speed control signal, receive motor Hall signal to carry on the vehicle speed calculation, and sends vehicle speed data via RS-232 serial port to the PC for the storage and analysis. In addition, it is responsible for receiving data for balancing, self-balancing operation.
(2) gyro
Gyro rotating do not only move around the axis, but tapered move around a vertical axis, that is, the gyro is “rotation” around itself and “revolution” around the vertical side,the value of the “rotation” of Gyroscope around its axis determines the size of the gyro swing angle. The slower it turns,the greater the swing angle,the worse the stability; vice versa,that is similar to people cycling.
(3) motor
brush and brushless motors
(4) Battery
lead-acid batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium batteries.
(5) Body and other accessories
The main role of the body are: 1 as a transport case for installing batteries, gyroscopes, control circuit boards and other components; 2 as the axis connecting the left and right wheels; 3 for the pedals used to carry.

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What are the self balancing scooter composed by