How to choose a beloved gift for your girlfriend or wife

You must want to give your girlfriend or wife a unique gift making her happy, but how to,just follow onu-mall to reveal the answer
1.Two wheel self balancing electric scooter
self balancing electric scooter with two wheel with her favorite colors and styles,that is definitely the most popular item this year, just enjoy the cozy and sweet on a quiet street with her hand by hand
Balance-Electric-Scooter (2)
2. Digital Photo frame
A delicate digital photo frame do not only record your sweet moments around her bed,but she would memory the happy time when she opens her eyes on the morning.
3. Ring engraved your and her name
One pair of exquisite Couple Ring quietly engraved you and her name on Christmas eve or New Year’s Day and his birthday or other special moments , she would be pretty surprised.
4.DIY album
You can use pretty cloth as a cover, in which you write on your mood diary, then put the pictures one by one.How warm and sweet
5.Recording Doll
Buy a cute doll recording and record what you want to say to her or your future bay. Retained beautiful voice.
6.Web and blog
DIY a web or blog filled with the happy letter you write as belonging to her and you and allow she to “accidentally” find, she must be very happy!
7.DIY a big house
Build a big house with wood, cardboard, foam or other materials , paint the color she like best with colored pen, as well as diy some small sofa, cute TV, bed, cupboard, even hang a your stickers inside!
8.Small pets
Few girls do not like small animals,neither does she, meanwhile,do not forget dressing a Christmas clothing for the dog!
9.Homemade cookies, cakes
DIY baked heart-shaped cookies, pretty cake, you can add accessories according to her taste. Or put a ring in the possession of the cake
10.Card USB disk
Choose a credit card USB disk customizable, placed the loving picture, store some of yours small memories in USB disk.
11.FireworksGirls are not resistant to fireworks! But pay attention to safety in advanced!
12. dolls
A dolls based on her  characteristics and costumes.Pottery, glass and other materials are available.
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How to choose a beloved gift for your girlfriend or wife