This year’s hottest outdoor sports must be hoverboard

The hoverboard or two wheeled self balancing scooter beats any other sport items and stuffs this year,unfortunately,it is no exaggeration to say that where there is hoverboard,there is explosion, that’s why the shoddy hoverboard has been successively banned by the countries especially UK and Amazon shop online! onu-mall has explained why the exlosion and damage to the hoverboard in the previous blog related to the hoverboard or self balancing scooter,the fake battery and charging unreasonably is mainly responsible for most of unexpected explosion.

Just like what onu-mall has been kept and devoted to,we put an end to the production and marketing of all counterfeit products for those shall getting what you pay for,we are specializing in large rang of quality consumer electrics accessories and gadgets including hoverboard.

Are you still upset by the knockoffs of self balancing scooter resulting in security risks even explosion,onu-mall launched the 2 wheels Bluetooth self-balancing scooter strictly certified by CE.ROHS.UL.FCC with remote control and carry Bag with customizable white black brown blue golden color at, you can wholesale it and sell in UK or on amazon!You would never worry about the patents and certification of hoverboard or self balancing scooter not available for sale on amazon any more!

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This year’s hottest outdoor sports must be hoverboard

What are the top ten brand balanced scooter brand enterprise

Founded in the United States, the world’s pioneer in wearable travel and equipment industry , well-known self-balancing electric unicycle hoverboard industry brand
A personal transporter for short-haul intelligence industry-leading brand of China mainland, one of the larger providers of China’s self balancing scooter
Headquartered in the US,  well-known global leader in innovation of short-haul in the transport sector, the larger provider of the self-balancing vehicle
One of China’s earlier smart balance scooter supplier, a leader in intelligent robot vehicle, hoverboard leading brand
Focused on the development of intelligent robots / manufacturing / sales and technical services
Committed to the development of new energy robot / production / sales, with independent intellectual property rights
Dedicated to the research and development / production / sales of somatosensory vehicle including hoverboard and self balanced scooter integrated science and technology
Research and development / production / sales of commitment to self-balancing electric self balance scooter, electric unicycle industry-leading brand
Focus on production and sales of high-tech R & D smart self balance scooter, vector balancing techniques used earlier
Professional commitment in research and development and manufacturing of slasher / wheel self balancing scooter, influential intelligent self balanced scooter brand
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What are the top ten brand balanced scooter brand enterprise

How to learn and specialize in riding the hoverboard

Today,onu-mall would like to share some really detailed step on how to learn and specialize in riding the hoverboard or balanced
  introduction-Balance-Scooter how-to-drive-self-balancing-scooter
1. Turn on the power switch of the hoverboard, check whether the battery display is normal, please fully charge the self balance scooter before using when the remaining charge is only ten percent,
2. Wait for about three seconds after turning on the power so that the gyroscope switch to balanced state, then slide car, make sure the power is turned on (front and rear wheels unopened would shake, those turned on would only forward and backward)
3. After confirming the power, dressed protective gear, put your right foot on the right pedal, the upper hoverboard positioned against the right leg, forwardly and rearwardly swingably with your knee joint, so dose the self balance scooter, do not repeated practice until you know how to control it
how to use Balance Electric Scooter  how-to-use-Balance-Electric-Scooter
4. Which foot hop on the hoverboard depends on your personal habit,take the right foot hopping for example, step onto the ground with your left leg and lean forward to compensate for the speed of the hoverboard ahead before the right foot hop on the right pedal, you shall not still in place before hopping on the self balance scooter,otherwise,the body will be unbalanced, which is similar to ride a bicycle
5. Slightly forward the body when both of your foot stand on the self balancing scooter, stand still(do not bend your legs), chin up, straight ahead (do not bow), stretch your arms to equilibrium, Gently press the toes for slowly forward, over and over. Keep it easy.
6. When practicing, crus would swell and pain, this is because beginners are nervous and legs is rubbed by the car, which is a normal phenomenon, the the calf will not close the self balancing scooter when you master riding technology, the above-mentioned phenomenon would gone
7. Lean or toe elevation to slow down or stop, the larger the backward or toe elevation magnitude is,the faster the deceleration is, special noted that just slow down so as not to fall.
8. The hoverboard batteries and control panel has overspeed protection, it would alarm if the speed will exceed 12 kilometers per hour, then do not continue to accelerate! The power supply will be cut down when the speed is more than 18 kilometers per hour, then the car will be casually move, it is very dangerous! Do not speeding at your peril!
9. If the battery is short at five percent , do not ride uphill or downhill to avoid danger
10. Please charge approximately for 2-3 hours, unplug the charger plug timely when it is fully charged in case of damage to the battery charged, do not charge or place the self balancing scooter on or near flammable and explosive places including the kitchen, gas tank, fireplace etc, please use qualified brand batteries, such as Samsung battery, please stop using it when the hoverboard is hot.
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How to learn and specialize in riding the hoverboard

What do you need to note when using a self balancing scooter

What a shame!It is reported that self balancing scooter explosion accidents occurred frequently,admittedly, which is closely linked with how we use despite it definitely related to knock off made in China,ONU-MALL would like to sincerely share what you shall mind when using the self balance scooter to assure the safely drive and use for consumers,after all,safe is most important.
First of all,how to use the balance of the self balance scooter is inseparable from the role of the use of the wheel, so the routine maintenance shall point to wheel inspection and maintenance. Especially for the component parts of the tire, you should perceive its firmness by your a hand from time to time , just shaking the tire along the axial direction, the component parts would be loosened if tire accessories shake. To ensure the safety of use, we shall continue to check the tightness of the screws of the tire component parts, just by fully tighten the screws to ensure the firmness of the assembly,you can freely drive the self balance scooter.Meanwhile, you need to minimize the wear of the tires for easier travel and use.
single wheel self balancing scooter
Secondly, the self balance scooter should promptly be sent to a repair shop for maintenance if the tire leak, you must make sure there is the adequacy of gas for long-term use, do not use it unless it really meet the travel conditions. If large area of the tire are damaged, you should promptly contact sales department as soon as possible for the replacement of tire. Ensure that the power is disconnected when cleaning the self balance scooter, do not clean directly with water, switch to wipe with a wet towel so that the water will not slip inside the machine. It must not be washed with water when the power turned on, otherwise,it will bring damage to the self balancing scooter, even will threaten life safety.
Second, the balance scooter must be placed in dry and ventilated place for long idle, do not put in damp and unventilated area, otherwise,it would lead to the moisture to control board and the battery and some unexpected trouble.
Third, it is recommended to maintain the self balancing scooter at after-sales service center when using it for half of year, detecting whether certain parts of the sport equipment has been aged, damaged. The proposed replacement of new parts to maintain balance and stability of the safety.
Fourth, the charger for the electric balance scooter generally have individual needs, in the absence of certainty, please do not arbitrarily replace the charger. The replacement of other chargers will not only shorten the battery life,but result in the safety accident. Do not put the battery anywhere at an ambient temperature of 60 degrees or more, do not charge it in kitchen and near fireplace and anywhere else near fire and gas and explosive places, then we must recharge the battery during every 2-3 months to keep the saturation of the battery if do not use it for more than half of year. Please fully charge the brand new self balance scooter. Because the battery will slowly discharge because of transport for a long time. Please keep charging environment clean and dry. When charging port wet, do not charge. Please predetermined charging and storage the balance scooter, otherwise it will damage the battery affect the battery life of self balance scooter.
In summary, keep mind all of the details above so as to ensure balanced scooter can bring us green and fast and safe.
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What do you need to note when using a self balancing scooter